Letter of Support or Opposition Rules


  1. Letter Deadline. Letters communicating a formal position on a bill (support, opposition, concerns, etc.) must be received by the Committee by 12:00 p.m. on the Friday of the week preceding the scheduled hearing of the bill in order for the position to be referenced in some form in the analysis. Letters received after that time may be referenced at the discretion of the Committee Consultant.
  1. Letter Requirements. Position letters must be signed, on organizational letterhead where possible, and include the name and mailing address for the organization or individual expressing the position.  Letters may be submitted to the Committee electronically via the Advocates Portal or by using the “Submit Position Button” on the Committee’s website.
  1. Updated Letters.  Position letters must reference the most current version of the bill being heard before the Committee. Individuals and organizations wishing to withdraw or update a previous position letter must communicate that information to the Committee in writing prior to the release of the analyses.  Letters in the possession of the Committee which are not addressed to the Committee, or which reference a prior version of a bill and have not been otherwise withdrawn, may be included at the discretion of the Committee Consultant if it deems the letter to have continuing relevance.

     d.    Letters for Oversight Hearings: Email your letters to elizabeth.delgado@asm.ca.gov and emilio.perez@asm.ca.gov by 12:00 p.m. the day before hearing.  

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